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Natura Vincit
Natura Vincit

Sannah Belzer &
Koninklijke Nederlandse Natuur Vereniging Amsterdam

Plantage Kerklaan
(next to Artis Zoo parking lot)
Sannah Belzer
Koninklijke Nederlandse Natuur Vereniging Amsterdam

The 'Natura Vincit' (Nature prevails) project consists of a green zone that has been nurtured and cultivated for a decade by a local resident. His dedication and his refusal to consider weeds a ‘pest’, have transformed this little piece of land into a rich biotope. The proximity of Artis Zoo, a traditional magnet for birds and other animals of all sorts and sizes is an additional asset. ‘Natura Vincit’ celebrates this special zone, researching and taking stock of its lush flora and abundant fauna, under the auspices of the Royal Dutch Nature Society (KNNV). This plot will host a resource and visitors' centre, where people will find information, guided tours, lectures – and a glass of nettle juice!

To apply for the guided tours mail to: