Experimentadesign Amsterdam
Playscapes in Amsterdam

Over-regulated cities provide little room for their citizens to play freely, conduct experiments, and be adventurous. Scattered across Amsterdam, vacant lots, cul-de-sacs, schoolyards after opening hours and corners of public squares are like breathing holes in the tightly knit urban grid. The Sunday Adventure Club pioneers in Amsterdam and temporarily appropriates such plots for free play.

Each plot is adopted and used by a club that would otherwise have no place in the city’s public space. In collaboration with young designers, each plot has been transformed into a scene for a small adventure. Anyone can assist the boat builders’ club, join a fisherman in cooking, or visit the Beauty Adventure Gallery at their outdoor beauty parlour. A dog training ground is set up in a schoolyard after school hours, and a study lab for urban flora & fauna takes up a plot next to Artis Zoo. Atmospherical, organizational or functional, these designs turn the plots into free public places with a strong identity.

Visit these plots for a small adventure. For the latest program information check the agenda: