Experimentadesign Amsterdam
City Dog Adventure
City Dog Adventure

Maartje Dros &
Kynologen Club Amsterdam

Locatie — Location
Speelplein tegenover
Square in front of
Klein Wittenburgerstraat 100
Ontwerper — Designer
Maartje Dros
Kynologen Club Amsterdam

More and more, playgrounds and sports pitches are getting fenced in, becoming no-go areas for dogs. Dog clubs are banished to the fringes of the city, and the worlds of children and dogs are strictly separated by gates and prohibition signs. City Dog Adventures seeks to down these fences and will explore how the city’s playspaces can be shared by dogs and their owners, as well as toddlers and skaters. The fences are transformed into new play elements for dog lovers and their best friends. At evenings and during weekends, accompanied by Amsterdam’s Cynologists (dog experts) Club, we will look for room for a new minority. This project will result in dog training experiments, doggy dancing, and obedience lessons. Join our workshops and discover how playgrounds and dog fields can be the same thing.

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